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Robot Turtles is the board game that teaches children as young as pre-schoolers the basics of computer programming in a way that’s both educational and lots of fun! It also happens to be the highest backed board game in Kickstarter history.
Children become Turtle Masters – their role is to lay cards in sequence (creating a program) that will send their turtle to the correct coloured gem. The fun bit is that grown-ups become Robot Movers – the Robot Masters are not allowed to touch the turtles at all so it’s up to mum and dad, grandma and granddad or an older sibling or carer to move the turtles when the Turtle Master has finished assembling their directions. Plus, all Robot Movers know that to move a Robot Turtle you have to make all manner of beeps and blips, eeks and squawks as you move from square to square.
Robot Turtles
So how does it work? It’s simple – the Robot Turtle needs to get to the appropriate coloured gem. The Robot Master’s job is to assemble a program using cards with symbols on them to indicate what each card does (hence no need for reading).
The Robot Master lays the cards out in sequence then reads the sequence out for the Robot Mover (computer) to follow. There are different levels of play for different age groups – older children will enjoy circumnavigating additional challenges and obstacles and making use of the special functions – there’s even a special set of rules for the adults if they want to play when the children have gone to bed!

The game was invented by Dan Shapiro a Google CEO who wanted to teach his children the basics of computer programming without them spending yet more time sitting in front of a screen – hence Robot Turtles was developed as a way for families to play together whilst learning – recent changes in the National curriculum mean that all children need to not just be able to use a computer but also have an understanding of how they work.

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